Shine boy, Shine on

I lock my dreads, they dread my locksI walk the streets, they click their locksI wish I didn’t have to grow up feeling less of a humanAnd being told that I’m nothing more than just a black man. Dad knows I’m a star that’s why he calls me sonThe shine I carry isn’t blackened out…

The Truth we seek

One may ask, what is Truth? Truth can be said to be that which is in accordance with fact or reality. Anything is True, that is fully realized. All this will come to fruition as you continue to seek the Lord. It may take some time but until He shows you, you cannot fully grasp that Truth you seek. May the Lord prove Himself strong to you in Jesus’ name!

When All Of This Is Over

When all of this is over,When it’s all safe and soundI’ll put aside my prideAnd be sure to make you proud. Let’s leave no more roomFor waste and regretLet’s learn our lessonFrom a tragedy we did not expect. It may well be trueExpecting the unexpectedWill make the unexpected, expectedBut we don’t all know it all….

Just Not Alone

I was on my way back home, But then I stumbled on my pride and fell on the way. I know we journeyed together And we would’ve made it back home, But pride led me away into isolation And I hoped I’d be okay… Looks like I wasn’t as strong as I had hoped Maybe…

Heartbreaks are okay?

You used to love to bitsNow you love me in bitsYou used tell me you were mineIn the end you were hisIn the end I was pissedI lost the will to love againI took a chance in loving youAnd then chance gave me pain And it’s alright.For what is life without pain?My God taught me…